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Energy Healing

Are you wanting more from life? Are you ready to evolve to be the best version of yourself? A healthy body and a healthy mind are both important to live an optimal life. Your Health is worth investing in. Make the changes today to live your best life. You are worth it.


Reiki is an ancient form of energetic healing using hands-on healing.

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words: Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning life energy.

Reiki energy, also known as universal energy, is transferred through the hands of the practitioner to the client. The client's body is then able to use the energy to make shifts on a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical level.


          Reiki is a deeply relaxing form of healing, which is beneficial for stress-related conditions. Deep relaxation assists in reducing stress, anxiety, frustration, emotional pain amongst others. Long-term imbalances in the body may require multiple sessions over a period of time. This allows the body to reach the level of relaxation that allows the body to return to balance.

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What is Reiki used for?

Reiki is useful for relieving:

  • Any acute or chronic condition

  • Headaches including migraines

  • Pain including chronic pain

  • Stress

  • Nervous tension

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Dizziness

  • Tiredness

  • Weak immune system

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Feelings of being not quite right

  • Enhancing the effect of other treatments

  • Stubborn symptom

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki Treatment

Harmony and balance: Reiki allows the client to relax which assists in balancing the body bringing a feeling of harmony and peace to the client. We function better when we are in balance. We have a left and right brain, a masculine and feminine aspect and the ability to do and to be. We feel happier in ourselves when all these aspects are in balance. 

Dissolving energy blocks: The body consists of many energy pathways and centres. If there is a blockage in any of these a person may start to feel unwell and experience a variety of symptoms. Reiki works to clear these blockages easily, allowing the natural energy flows to be restored. 

Enhances self healing: Reiki promotes the body's natural ability to heal. It flows through the whole person rather than focussing on individual symptoms. The body has many processes that work synergistically with other elements and when one of those systems is out of balance it can affect other parts of the body without always showing symptoms. Reiki allows the body to work out what it needs and assists with its own innate ability to heal. This may result in a reduction in the time it takes to heal. Reiki has no known side effects, and can be used in conjunction with other therapies and medications.

Deep relaxation and stress reduction: Reiki allows clients to completely let go of all worries and just spend time being with themselves in a total state of relaxation. There is no where to go and nothing to do while experiencing Reiki. Reaching this deep state of relaxation allows more connection with is happening in the body and mind. It allows a person to be more present in their life which assists with better decision making and outcomes.

Reiki is a supportive therapy that assists in relieving many symptoms. Stress is often experienced due to situations we find ourselves in that often involve conflict with others or difficult circumstances. Reiki helps to reduce stress which allows the conflict or circumstances to be experienced in a different light, often allowing the change that is needed to occur.

“In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired”


"Keep your vitality.

A life 

without health

Is like a river

without water"

Maxime Lagace

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