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At Divine Evolution we look for what is blocking you from evolving to live your best life. A Healthy body and a healthy mind are both important to live an optimal life. Your Health is worth investing in. Make the changes today to live your best life. You are worth it.

Bio Energetic Healing

          Bio Energetic Healing is a non-invasive therapy used for identifying changes in the body’s function. These changes may be caused by any number of stressors, including environmental loads, pathogens, energetic disturbances and weakened system blockages. It's nearly impossible to avoid daily exposure to things such as pollution, plastics and radiation. Bio Energetic Healing aims to bring the body back into balance by promoting the body’s own natural healing process.

          Bio Energetic Healing uses a variety of modalities including aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Australian Bush Flower Essences, and others. Bio Energetic Healing may be useful for stubborn or unusual symptoms. The combination of different modalities ensures the most effective options for the individual symptoms is delivered.


Your session is tailored to suit exactly what you and your body need to allow your body to heal effectively. Each session will be different and follow requirements for your best expression. Each client will have an individual healing program based on their specific blockages, symptoms and goals.

          Bio Energetic Healing involves no needles and no strong-tasting herbs. This makes it great alternative for adults and children who may have a fear of needles or struggle with taking supplements.

          Bio Energetic Healing is a relaxing therapy and can be used with or without medications. Most clients don’t experience any sensation at all during treatment.

“In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired”



Bioresonance Session

Are you ready for a new way of being?

Relaxing and gentle

Reiki is an ancient form of stress relief and healing allowing your body to use the universal energy to heal yourself. 

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words: Rei meaning universal and Ki meaing life energy.

Reiki can help you to relax which in turn assists in reducing stress, anxiety, frustration, emotional pain to name a just a few benefits.

"Keep your vitality.

A life 

without health

Is like a river

without water"

Maxime Lagace

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